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Filarmonietta Praga


orchestral rehearsals – sectional rehearsals – concerts
orchestrální zkoušky – dělené zkoušky  – koncerty

Filarmonietta Praga
30. 7. – 16. 8. 2018
Prague, Czech Republic


I. Program: July 30 – August 5

Antonín Dvořák: Te Deum Op. 103
Johannes Brahms: Double concerto in A Minor for Violin and Cello
Antonín Dvořák: Symphony No. 7 in D Minor
Evgenia Epshtein | Croatia – violin
Eduardo del Río Robles | Spain – cello
Conductor Jiří Havlík

II. Program: August 12 – 15

to the 100th Anniversary
of the Foundation of Independent Czechoslovakia

Bedřich Smetana: My Country
Conductor Jiří Havlík

III. Program: August 16 – Special Guest Concert

„SuperHorn“ Festive closing symphonic concert with 30 horns

Carl Maria von Weber: Ouverture „Der Freischütz“
Ludwig van Beethoven: Symphony No. 6 in F Major „Pastoral“
Antonín Dvořák: Symphony No. 8 in G Major, Op. 88
TBSK Symphony Orchestra Tokyo | Japan
Conductor Takeshi Kuse | Japan


Orchestral programs are coached by members of
Czech Philharmonic Orchestra and International Guests
Conductor: Jiří Havlík (CR) /programmes 1,2/
Takeshi Kuse (Japan) /guests program 3/ 

Hello, welcome at the summer international orchestral academy
Filarmonietta Praga 2018

This musical event is an intensive course of playing in the orchestra. It gives the opportunity of orchestral experience to young musicians, future professionals, but also to enthusiastic amateurs of all age categories. Under coaching of experienced professional artists, members of the Czech Philharmonic Orchestra and their guests, you can spend one, two or three weeks of intensive orchestral studies in the atmosphere of summer Prague, one of the European leading musical centers, and one of the most beautiful cities in the world. The played repertory is selected from the “pure jewels” of the Czech orchestral music in combination with other attractive pieces of the world’s music “treasure”.

Summer Orchestral Academy Filarmonietta Praga (SOAFP) is organized in co-operation with international chamber music project Ameropa (program I), international hornplaying courses Hornclass (program III) and under publicity of international music festival Prague, classics.. (programs I, II and III).

The festival orchestra is a full symphonic one, and thanks to highly qualified coaches and other additional professional orchestra members, it provides a perfect opportunity for participants to learn and perform Classical Czech music on a very high level.
Especially for musicians who come from other countries, it should be interesting and beneficial to perform the great Czech composers such as Dvořák, Smetana, Janáček, Martinů, etc., the way of original Czech interpretation.

In program I (July 30 – August 6), organized paralelly with an international chamber music courses „Ameropa“, one should allow half a day (every day) for participation in the orchestra in so called „mixed“ chamber/symphonic mode (or possibly choosing only orchestra) during Ameropa second week.  For two weeks Ameropa participants, there will be organized additional sectional strings and winds rehearsals for preparation of orchestral parts also during the Ameropa first week.
Antonín Dvořák – Te Deum, Symphony No. 7, Johannes Brahms – Double concerto for violin and violoncello

The other programs II and III are fully symphonic ones, concentrated into a shorter time period:
Program II (August 12 -15) is dedicated to the famous Czech cycle of symphonic poems „Má vlast“ – My Country by Bedřich Smetana. 
Project is held on the special occassion of 100 anniversary of establishing of selfstanding Czechoslovak Republic.

Program III (August 12 -16) is a guest performance of symphonic orchestra TBSK Tokyo (Japan) with a co-participation of several dozens of hornplayers from „Hornclass“ in one common piece.
Carl Maria von Weber – Freischütz Ouverture, Ludwig van Beethoven – Symphony No. 6, Antonín Dvořák – Symphony No. 8

One needs to register for the specific program in the application.
Furthermore, musical studies will be accompanied by the possibilities of sightseeing at the most famous historical and cultural places of Prague and its surrounding.


1/ Sunday, July 29 (arrivals) – Monday, August 6 (departures), 2018
Rehearsals from Monday, July 30
Concerts: Thursday, August 2 – Prague, Convent of St. Agnes
Sunday, August 5 – Kutná Hora, church of St. Barbara

2/ Sunday, August 12 (arrivals)  – Thursday, August 16 (departures), 2018
Rehearsals from Sunday, August 12
Concert: Wednesday, August 15 – Prague, Convent of St. Agnes 

3/ Sunday, August 12 (arrivals)  – Friday, August 17 (departures), 2018
Rehearsals from Monday, August 13
Concert: Thursday, August 16 – Prague, Convent of St. Agnes 


Intensive masterclasses of playing in the orchestra, which takes place in Prague during August 2018. It is accompanied  with an additional (or optional) sectional rehearsals at last week of July (together with Ameropa Chamber Music).

Activities take place at the Jan Hanus Music School (Praha 6, U dělnického cvičiště), where there are numerous studios, plus a concert hall available for studies and practice. There are several performance dates in some prestigious concert venues in Prague and vicinity. On evenings, there is, for all participants, a permanent free admittance for all concerts of the international music festival Praha, klasika.. 

The participation is opened for all instruments (strings, winds and percussions) within so-called “early/mid-romantic orchestra”. The participation is a subject to so called “correspondently audition”, based on sending of personal recording before the registration. The daily program will consist of orchestral rehearsals and sectional trainings of orchestral parts with professional faculty/coaches. Studied program will be performed at two public concerts. Singers are welcomed to attend and perform with the orchestra at the first concert (Dvořák Te Deum).

The Academy is opened for participants of middle and higher performing levels 3 (middle), 4 (advanced) and 5 (masterly) without age limits.

At the end, all participants will receive Summer Academy Filarmonietta Praga 2018 Alumni Diploma.

There are several programs taking place simultaneously. Therefore students can also participate in some form of chamber music (Ameropa with program I) or hornplaying (Hornclass with programs II and III). (For Ameropa: while participating in the Orchestral Program, you may not participate in any more than two chamber music groups.)

NOTE: Opening ceremony of program I will be common with Ameropa chamber music festival.


Candidates are requested to present recording of their solo performance or professional biography with description of their orchestral experience up to now (with basic repertory list of main played pieces)
Duration of recording is 5 – 10 min., slow and fast movement. Recording should be sent together with the application form and registration fee. The recommended audio format is MP3 or other commonly used digital form.


For program I – orchestra and chamber music (= with Ameropa) or orchestra itself without any chamber music combination, please fill the online application form here: »»»
For orchestral program II or III without any combination, please, fill your application here: »»»
The application will be registered only after receiving the registration fee.
The registration fee of € 100 must be paid when submitting the SOAFP program application.


Web: www.filarmoniettapraga.cz
E-mail: SOAFP@filarmoniettapraga.cz

Jiří Havlík: jirihavlik@telecom.cz
+420 608 011 554 mobile


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